I am proud to be a partner and an executive at Beacon Eldercare. Our mission is to provide a high-quality home based conciergePatrick

health care services to individuals and families in their time of need. As an experienced results-oriented professional in multiple

disciplines, I look forward to building on established relationships within the specific needs of the geriatric population.

We believe in maintaining the quality of life and the standard of care of seniors in the community within their household. As a

forward thinking and enterprising agency we believe that your comfort level exists best in your home with familiar surroundings

while a superior level of care is provided. We also educate the legal, medical and the healthcare communities in the importance

of palliative care.


I am also an experienced real estate developer and investor with a portfolio of numerous mixed-use and multifamily properties

throughout prime areas of Brooklyn. With that being said Beacon Eldercare in conjunction with our affiliate Beacon Geriatric and

Consulting Agency has been working closely with and advising several real estate developers, investors and property managers

on how best to resolve potentially contentious landlord/tenant situations regarding the elderly without litigation. With this new

undertaking the outcomes have been a mutually beneficial resolution for both parties with desired distinctions.


As a bold person with a lot of vision and relentless drive I’ve been able to capitalize on opportunities and resolve issues as

they unfold. As a retired New York City Detective with over 23 years of experience I have worked for 17 years in the Organized

Crime Control Bureau. My assignments included the Joint Firearms Task Force, Firearms Investigation Unit and the Gun

Enhancement Unit. In that capacity I worked closely with Special Agents of the ATF investigating and infiltrating illegal gun

traffickers from around the country into New York City. I possess the skills, dedication, and drive that are necessary for ambitious

initiatives that will be an asset for the betterment of society as a whole.