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Answers to Your Questions About 24-Hour Home Care 

24-Hour Home Care in Richmond Hill NY: Benefits
24-Hour Home Care in Richmond Hill NY: Benefits

You’ve run into the situation many families across the U.S. are facing. Your dad has Alzheimer’s disease, but he is terrified you’ll force him to move. It’s the last thing you want to do, but you don’t know how to keep him safe.

He can’t be alone. Your dad started wandering, and he’s told you frightening stories, so you know he’s starting to become delusional and paranoid. You’re wondering if 24-hour home care is the right fit, but you have questions.


How Does It Work?

Your first question involves how 24-hour home care works? Does the caregiver move in? What happens when your dad’s awake and his caregiver is asleep?

It’s important to know that 24-hour home care is not live-in care. Your dad works with several caregivers, each working a different shift. The caregiver is awake the entire time.

Suppose the first caregiver works a 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift. That caregiver is there to help your dad get showered and dressed. He has a caregiver there to remind him to take his medications. He also has someone to cook breakfast and lunch.

At 3 p.m., the next caregiver arrives and the first caregiver goes home for the day. Your dad’s second caregiver is there for dinner and to help your dad get ready for bed. The caregiver is there to redirect your dad if sundowning kicks in and has him agitated.

The next switch happens at 11 p.m. This caregiver supports your dad with late-night bathroom trips. His caregiver can also start prepping foods for breakfast while your dad sleeps.


What Happens If a Caregiver is Sick or Can’t Get a Car Started?

What happens if the caregiver that’s supposed to be showing up to help your dad is sick? What happens if that caregiver can’t start a car or is in an accident on the way?

Your dad will not be left alone. His current caregiver stays late until a replacement arrives. As soon as the agency hears that your dad’s caregiver has problems, another caregiver is called to go fill in for part of the shift.


Are There Things a 24-Hour Home Care Aide Can’t Do?

Caregivers can do a lot to help your dad. Housekeeping and laundry are a small part of it. More importantly, he has a caregiver to keep him company. His caregiver keeps him engaged by playing games, taking him on walks, or watching a movie with him.

Your dad’s caregiver can help him with personal care and grooming. He’ll have someone to cook his meals and snacks, take him shopping, and accompany him to his appointments.

Things that your dad’s caregiver cannot help with are usually medical in nature. His caregiver cannot administer medications or clean and dress any sores or open wounds. If you stop by for a visit, your dad’s caregivers are not there to cook meals for you or clean up after you.

Now that you’ve learned more about 24-hour home care services, call an agency. Schedule the services he needs and rest assured he is well cared for throughout the day and night.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering 24-Hour Home Care in Richmond Hill, NY, please contact the caring staff at Beacon Eldercare Inc. today. (718) 406-9500

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