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4 Reasons Seniors Need 24-Hour Home Care

24-Hour Home Care in Astoria
24-Hour Home Care in Astoria

One reason families don’t think seniors can stay at home is because they don’t think seniors can safely stay alone at night. But they don’t have to be alone at night. With 24-hour home care, seniors stay in the homes they love, and where they feel comfortable. Pair this with the added benefits of having someone there around the clock to help them if they need it. Some of the biggest benefits seniors get with 24-hour home care are:


Seniors don’t have to be afraid in their homes at night, because they are alone when they have 24-hour home care. A care provider will be there to ensure that all security cameras, lights, and other crime deterrents are working properly. Likewise, if any incidents occurred, they could summon help immediately. Seniors can sleep easy, knowing no one will break in or try to rob the house while they sleep.

Fall Prevention

Seniors often fall at night, when they get up for a drink or the bathroom, or in the morning when they’re getting dressed. 24-hour home care provides assistance with daily activities, such as going to the bathroom, getting dressed, and getting water.  Your senior loved one can lower their risk of falling with 24-hour supervision.

Peace of Mind

You and your senior parent will have peace of mind when your senior loved one isn’t alone overnight. Imagine not needing to sleep with your phone on high volume if your senior parent calls for emergency help. Or not worrying about your parent falling when they try to get up and go to the bathroom. You and your senior loved one can sleep securely, knowing that if something happens, someone will be in the house to call emergency services.

Pet Care

24-hour pet care will take care of pets while your senior parent is unable to, without them having to put their health in danger. For example, your senior parent will not have to take the dog out late at night, reducing the risk of a fall. A care provider will ensure the pets are fed, litter boxes cleaned, and dogs have access to the outdoors. Care providers will ensure that your senior loved one’s pets don’t wake them up or disturb their sleep.

If you or an aging loved one is considering 24-Hour Home Care in Astoria, NY, please contact the caring staff at Beacon Eldercare Inc. today at (718) 406-9500.

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