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Distance Is a Big Reason to Hire 24-Hour Home Care

24-Hour Home Care Woodhaven
24-Hour Home Care Woodhaven

Your job and family took you to the other side of the country. Over the years, distance has become a problem. After her stroke, you’re uncomfortable with that distance. As much as you’d like to move her to your home, she doesn’t want to leave the community she’s lived in for decades. Distance is one of the biggest reasons to hire 24-hour home care services.

What Can the Caregivers Do?

When you hire 24-hour home care aides, they can help your mom with companion care and personal care services. Your mom has a caregiver in the home to offer support for balance while she showers. If she needs help washing her hair, her caregiver can help her take a shower, dry off, and apply moisturizing cream.

Her caregivers can help her with oral, nail, and shaving. If she has difficulty using the toilet independently, she has a caregiver for assistance.

She also enjoys the support of caregivers with daily housekeeping tasks. Her caregiver can help her shop for groceries, bring bags in, and prepare meals and snacks. She has a caregiver available in the evening to help with dinner, oral care, and bedtime rituals.

Caregivers can wash dishes, help with laundry, drive your mom to therapy sessions and medical appointments, and take her for walks. If she needs help feeding and walking her dog, that’s possible. The goal is to support her throughout the day and night while she’s recovering.

How 24-7 Home Care Works

How does 24-hour home care work? Your mom has a group of caregivers helping her with daily tasks. They each work a shift to ensure someone is always with your mom and awake while in her home.

For example, your mom may have four caregivers, each working a six-hour shift. She’ll have a caregiver from 6 a.m. to noon, noon to 6 p.m., 6 p.m. to midnight, and midnight to 6 a.m. She can sleep, but if she wakes up, she’s not waking up to an empty house. Her caregiver is nearby for emotional, mental, and physical support.

You don’t live close enough to your mom to be of any help to her. Before you put a house on the market and move her closer to you or vice versa, talk to a home care agency about 24-hour home care.

Your mom can have trained caregivers with her 24/7, which means she’s never alone or having difficulty with essential tasks. You have peace of mind. Call a 24-hour home care agency to learn more.


If you or an aging loved one is considering 24-Hour Home Care in Woodhaven, NY, please contact the caring staff at Beacon Eldercare Inc. today at (718) 406-9500

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