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Easy Ways To Get A Senior Loved One To Eat More

In-Home Care Astoria
In-Home Care Astoria

Learn Great Ways to Get Your Senior to Have a Better Balanced Diet

Malnutrition is a problem that impacts more than 50% of seniors. There are a lot of reasons why seniors don’t eat enough. Sometimes they have trouble making meals, so they simply don’t eat. Some seniors, who have anxiety or depression, may not feel hungry or may not feel like they are able to make food. Other seniors find it physically and mentally difficult to shop so they don’t have a lot of food in the house. But if your senior parent isn’t eating enough and you’re worried about them there are things that you can do to get them to eat more like:

Get In-Home Care

In-home care is a great way for family members to make sure that their senior parents are getting the help they need. If you can’t be with your senior loved one each day to make sure they are eating, in-home care will really help. A care provider can do everything from helping your senior loved one make a grocery list to do their shopping. Care providers may even make their meals so that your senior loved one will be eating healthy meals daily. In-home care providers can also eat meals with your loved one so that they won’t have to eat alone.

Get Groceries Delivered

Grocery delivery is standard practice now and all the major grocery chains offer it. You can shop for your senior loved one online or through an app and have groceries delivered right to your senior parent’s door. Some delivery services will even bring the groceries inside for your senior loved one. In-home care providers can also get the groceries from the door and bring them in and put them away. Grocery delivery eliminates the need for your senior loved one to go through the stress of physically walking around a crowded store to get groceries.

Send Their Favorite Meals To Their Home

Restaurant delivery is also readily available now too. You can order your senior loved one’s favorite meal a few times each week and have it delivered right to their door. For example, on the nights when your senior parent doesn’t have in-home care you can have a meal from their favorite restaurant delivered so that they won’t need to cook but they will be able to eat a hearty meal they will enjoy.

Come By For A Family Dinner A Few Nights Each Week

Nothing beats a family dinner. If you can put it into your schedule, you should come by on a couple of set nights each week for a family dinner. You and your senior parent can cook and eat together or enjoy a take-out meal together. If dinner doesn’t work for your schedule, it can be any other meal instead. Maybe you can come by on your lunch break a few days each week or come to the house on weekends for a big family breakfast. What really matters is that you are there to share a meal, not what meal you share.


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