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Geriatric Care Management: What Should You Do After Your Senior Experiences a Fall?

Geriatric Care Management in Ridgewood NY: Senior Falls
Geriatric Care Management in Ridgewood NY: Senior Falls

Geriatric Care Management:  You never want to think about your senior taking a tumble, but it can happen.

Being prepared to address the situation right away is your best bet. So what should you and your elderly family member do if she does happen to experience a fall at home? Having Geriatric Care Management around to keep an eye on things will be a tremendous relief to you and your family.

Assess the Damage

Take a moment to let your senior catch her breath and work out whether she’s hurt. If your elderly family member can get up on her own, that’s a good way to determine whether she’s injured or not. Any time that your senior is experiencing extreme pain after a fall or is unconscious, you need to contact emergency services.

Contact Her Doctor

It is also important after a fall that you let your senior’s doctor know what happened. There may be some tests that her doctor can run to help determine what caused the fall. Or there may be other variables that her doctor needs to check, like medication dosages or other factors. It’s important to remember that if your senior falls once, she is twice as likely to fall again, so her doctor needs to be aware.

Figure Out What Contributed to the Fall

Sometimes a person knows exactly what caused a fall or a near-miss with a fall. Was there clutter that she tripped over or was a rug in the way? Was she dehydrated or did she have low blood sugar or low blood pressure? Knowing what caused the fall helps you to figure out what happened and hopefully prevent another fall. If you’re not sure what caused the fall, it can help to bring in elder care providers. They may be able to spot something you missed.

Put Together a Fall Prevention Plan

No matter what caused the fall, you need to put together a fall prevention plan for your senior. This is something else that home care providers can help you to do. It’s often difficult to spot some of the issues that might create a hazard for your senior, so it helps to have the experienced eyes of elder care providers helping out. They can alert you any time that they notice something that could be dangerous for your senior.

Ideally, your elderly family member won’t ever fall, but if you are as prepared as you can be with a plan for moving forward, that helps you to avoid panicking in the moment.


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