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Hobbies for Seniors with Dementia

24-Hour Home Care in Forest Hills
24-Hour Home Care in Forest Hills

It can feel like the end of the world when your loved one is diagnosed with dementia. You may not know how to handle the stages or what to expect. The most important thing is to keep getting your senior evaluated to find out what stage they’re at.

The next step is finding the right 24-hour home care provider that can help you monitor your senior loved one. The next thing you can do is keep them busy, but on a regular routine. Keeping a senior with dementia active through hobbies is one way to keep them content. Here are some hobbies that a senior suffering from dementia may enjoy doing.

Let Them Color or Draw
Art therapy has been demonstrated to benefit elders suffering from dementia. Coloring a picture, for example, may stimulate memory neurons and ignite the creative section of the brain. Drawing artwork may help your loved one recall a person or event, express what they are thinking, and feeling.

Play Card Games Together
Rummy or Old Maid allows your loved one to grip something in his or her hands and feel in control of the situation. Card games can help restore thinking and problem-solving abilities. There is little risk of irritation, since your loved one only needs to focus on these games for a short time.

Try Reading Together
Every senior will have different needs and be at various stages of this disease. People in the latter stages of dementia may be able to read if given material in an intelligible style, such as big type or bright visuals. Reading may help your loved one recall a sensation or emotion. If your loved one is unable to read, you or 24-hour home care can help by reading out loud or finding books with pictures.

Make Music Together
Music has a positive effect on dementia patients, as musical memory is preserved after other memories have gone. The left brain becomes active when singing, as words to songs are recalled, which may bring back memories. Playing a percussion instrument may also stimulate your loved one’s auditory nerves, resulting in a mood-enhancing and soothing impact.

Creating Memory Books Together
Dementia patients often have difficulty recalling individuals and locations. Photos, letters from family and friends, cards, and drawings from grandkids, on the other hand, may all help elders remember the past.

Creating an album for these materials provides your loved one with a creative outlet to spark such memories. By recalling a career, a prior pastime, or his or her position in someone’s life, your loved one might remain linked to both the past and the present by regularly recognizing objects and people.

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