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How to Keep Seniors With Alzheimer’s Warm in the Winter

Alzheimer's Home Care in Rego Park
Alzheimer's Home Care in Rego Park

Seniors often are cold and need to wear warm clothes even in the summer. A slow metabolism, lack of activity, and other factors can all contribute to making seniors cold. It can be difficult to make sure a senior parent with Alzheimer’s is warm enough when they can no longer read their own cues. Seniors with Alzheimer’s may dress inappropriately for the weather, refuse to wear coats, hats, and gloves in the cold, or even leave the house without clothing like socks. There are ways to protect your senior parent with Alzheimer’s and keep them warm in cold weather, like:

Get Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s home care can help ensure your loved one is appropriately dressed for outings or doctor’s appointments. Alzheimer’s home care is specialized care that meets the unique needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s. An Alzheimer’s caregiver can ensure your loved one is always dressed for the weather and warm enough. They will also ensure they always have on socks.

Only Put Out Warm Clothes

One way to ensure your senior loved one wears warm winter clothes is to only put out warm clothing. As the weather gets colder, go through your senior parent’s closet and remove all summer weight clothing. Put that in storage and replace it with long sleeved tee shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, and other warm clothing. If the only clothing in their closet or dresser is warm weather clothing, that’s what your senior loved one will wear. Because it’s the only choice they have.

Lock The Thermostat

It sounds extreme, but you may need to lock the thermostat or put it on a timer. This will ensure your senior loved one doesn’t turn the heat off and the AC on. Or, that they turn the heat to an unreasonably cold temperature, not knowing what they are doing. It’s also a good idea to install a smart thermostat that you can monitor on your smart phone. You can adjust the thermostat to ensure your senior parent is comfortable.

Make Sure Your Senior Parent Wears Layers

Layers are the best way for seniors to stay warm, so ensure your senior loved one has lots of layering clothing options available. Thermal underwear, long sleeve tee shirts, and bulky sweatshirts or sweaters are good options. So are cardigans and zip up hoodies that can be put on over other layers. Warm socks and slippers should also be available for your senior loved one. And make sure they have lots of gloves, hats, and outerwear that they can wear when going to appointments or running errands.

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