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Personal Care at Home: 4 Tips for Helping Your Senior to Avoid a Fall

Personal Care at Home in Queens NY: Falls
Personal Care at Home in Queens NY: Falls

Personal Care at Home: Falls are tremendously dangerous for older adults.

Your elderly family member’s fall risk doubles if she experiences even one fall, so it’s vital to make sure that her risk of falling is as small as possible. Some of these ideas can get you started with a plan that works for your elderly family member’s life. A personal care at home provider can help you with these modifications.


Clear Clutter and Potentially Dangerous Items

One huge risk factor for falling is clutter and tripping hazards. It can be tough for your senior to keep up with tidying her home, however. It might be a good idea to consider ways to help your elderly family member to stay on top of anything that could present a tripping hazard. Personal care at home can ensure that her home is clean and safe for her, for instance.

Talk to Her Doctor

It’s also important for you and you’re senior to understand her medical risk factors for a fall. There may be things that your senior can consider doing from a medical standpoint, like adjusting medications or keeping certain health issues under better control, that reduce her risk of falling. Knowing what those goals and priorities are gets you even closer to success.

Consider What Modifications Might Make Her Home Safer

Your senior’s home may need slight modifications in order to help her to be safer. Getting a handle on those possible modifications can help you to put a plan together. Some of the modifications could be as simple as adding additional lighting or brighter light bulbs. Whatever can make her safer is something that you should add to the list and tackle as soon as feasible.

Personal Care at Home: Make Sure She’s Sleeping Well

Sleep makes a huge difference in avoiding a fall. If your aging family member is having trouble sleeping, you and she might need to troubleshoot a little bit in order to resolve her issues. Often sleep issues are related to what your elderly family member is doing during the day, whether that’s napping too often or too long or doing too much. Having help from personal care at home can help her to adjust her day in order to protect her sleep hygiene at night.

Bringing in caregivers and finding solutions to your senior’s difficulties can go a long way toward helping her to avoid a fall. Talk with your elderly family member about what she’s experiencing and look for creative answers to what’s challenging her.


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