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Staying Warm as a Senior in the Winter

In-Home Care in Woodhaven
In-Home Care in Woodhaven

The ability to regulate internal body temperature and detect changes in temperature may decline with age. For the elderly, this is vital as we enter the winter months. Because the danger of illnesses like hypothermia increases. Many people believe hypothermia can only happen at very low temperatures. However, the truth is that symptoms may appear at temperatures as high as 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cold temperatures pose a clear threat to seniors. Accordingly, you need to help them stay warm during the colder months. These tips can help your senior live comfortably at home and age gracefully in place.

Keep the House Warm
This is one of the easiest ways to keep a senior warm. However, with the rising cost of heat, many seniors don’t want to do this. The solution? Have in-home care help create a warm room. This can be somewhere where a senior spends most of their time. Instead of heating the whole house, they can focus on creating a warm place where they spend the most time. Keeping the temperature in your home above 68 degrees and having well-insulated windows and doors can help save money on your heating bill and keep you comfortable.

Have Home Care Bundle Them Up
The elderly must dress in layers during the colder months. Wool, polyester, or flannel are good choices for your first layer, since they are naturally moisture-wicking. As damp clothing offers minimal insulation, this will help you stay dry and warm. When going outside, layer up as much as possible. It’s simple to shed clothing as the temperature rises, but finding a warm outer garment while you’re not at home may be a real hassle.

Cover Hands and Feet
It is crucial to keep your limbs, fingers, and toes toasty while outside. Poor temperature regulation in the extremities, especially the hands and feet, may indicate impaired blood flow in the elderly. When venturing outside, keep your hands and feet warm by donning dry gloves, some thick socks, and a sturdy pair of boots.

Focus on Warm Food and Drinks
For seniors, keeping warm in the winter is as vital as being well. Some seniors may have difficulty eating adequately because of age, medication, or other health conditions. These things may induce a loss of appetite. However, during the colder months, it is crucial to ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs to maintain a strong immune system by eating a balanced diet.

Add more healthy fats to your diet to speed up your metabolism and keep your body warmer. Soups, stews, and chili are excellent methods to warm your body from the inside out if healthy fats aren’t an option. Because alcohol causes blood to be thin, it could have a cooling effect on the body and should be avoided.

Get Their Blood Pumping
Exercising is a straightforward strategy to raise core body temperature and stimulate hunger pangs. Maintaining a strong immune system via regular exercise is crucial in preventing winter illnesses like the common cold and the flu. Indoor gyms at local recreation centers or senior centers may provide a safe and convenient alternative to exercising in the cold and wet winter.

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