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Understanding How Personal Care Attendants Help Your Dad Each Day

24-Hour Home Care in Richmond Hill NY: Benefits
24-Hour Home Care in Richmond Hill NY: Benefits

Your dad wants to age at home, but his health is making it hard for him to remain independent. He needs help with many aspects of his daily activities. You want to make sure he’s supported without making him feel totally dependent on others. How do you do this? Can Personal Care at Home help him?


Have an Open Conversation

Sit down with your dad and have an open and honest conversation about what he struggles to do, what he likes to do independently, and where his health stands. You need to work together to build a care plan that meets his needs without making him feel totally dependent on others.

Suppose your dad has just been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He’s used to doing things on his own, but he has to have surgery and possibly chemo. For the next few months, he’s going to need people to carry heavier objects like groceries and laundry baskets for him.

He’s not supposed to engage in any strenuous activities. He shouldn’t be tackling all of the housework in a short time. A little cleaning here and there is okay, but he shouldn’t be stretching to put away dishes. He can’t take his dog on a quick walk around the neighborhood.

As you discuss everything he should and shouldn’t do and how long he has that restriction, build a list of dos and don’ts. You’ll want this list when you tackle the next step.


Gather the Family and Close Friends

Have a potluck lunch with close family and friends. If a person expresses interest in helping your dad, you’ll want that person to bring a dish for this potluck. Make it a potluck to keep your dad from feeling that he should be helping others.

The point of the lunch is to discuss who wants to help and when they’re available. If your sister has Fridays off and wants to cook meals for the week, put that on another list. Build a monthly schedule of who will be available to help, what they feel confident doing, and when they’ll be at your dad’s house.

You’ll find gaps. Personal care is one area where gaps are most likely to occur. Helping an elderly parent with toileting, bathing, and oral care can be uncomfortable for both parties. Your dad may not want someone he knows well to help him with these intimate tasks.


Hire Personal Care Attendants

One way to resolve your dad’s discomfort is by hiring a personal care attendant to help him. It can be less uncomfortable to have a trained caregiver helping him as he uses the toilet, takes a shower, and brushes and flosses his teeth.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Personal Care at Home in Oakland Gardens, NY, please contact the caring staff at Beacon Eldercare Inc. today. (718) 406-9500

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